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Introducing our hand-crafted 2lb camp axe, designed for outdoor enthusiasts and campers. The axe head is forged from premium-grade 4140 steel, known for its superior strength and toughness, ensuring it can handle tough tasks while retaining a sharp edge. Weighing 2lbs, this axe provides ample power and control for efficient use. The solid hickory handle measures 20 inches in length, carefully finished for maximum comfort and grip. The axe head is securely attached to the handle, providing a tight and durable fit that will last for years of use. Order yours today and experience the quality craftsmanship that sets our tools apart.



Overall Weight: 2lb

Head Weight: 1lb 6oz

Toe to Heel: 4"

Bit to Poll: 6"

Handle Length: 20"


This piece is hand crafted to last for generations. Our goal is to create "functional art" and believe this tool is a good example of that ethos. Thank you for looking~

AXE: 2lb Camp Axe

Sold Out
  • 3-4 Day Lead Time

December Drop

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