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Introducing our hand-crafted 1lb camp hatchet, designed for outdoor enthusiasts and campers who value durability and precision. The hatchet head is forged from premium-grade 4140 steel, ensuring superior strength and toughness, allowing it to handle tough tasks while maintaining a sharp edge.


Weighing just 1lb, this hatchet offers excellent power and control for efficient use. The solid hickory handle measures 15-1/2 inches in length, carefully finished to provide maximum comfort and grip.

The hatchet head is securely attached to the handle, providing a tight and durable fit that will last for years of use. Whether you're camping, hiking, or exploring, this camp hatchet is a reliable and sturdy tool designed to perform under any conditions.


Order yours today and experience the quality craftsmanship that sets our tools apart.



Overall Weight: 1lb 14oz

Head Weight: 1lb

Toe to Heel: 3"

Bit to Poll: 5-3/8"

Handle Length: 15-1/2"


This piece is hand crafted to last for generations. Our goal is to create "functional art" and believe this tool is a good example of that ethos. Thank you for looking~

AXE: 1lb Camp Hatchet

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