Come spend a half or full day learning the wonderful art of tool making. Since the beginning of recorded time the "village blacksmith" has provided useful tools for their local community. In the spirit of this tradition we will use fire and hammer to create a one of a kind tool (2.5lb hammer or small axe) for your use and discuss the necessary techniques and process. 


Classes are held on Saturdays and the date will be coordinated with


Lunch will be provided for full day classes. Materials and fuel costs are included in the class fee. Tips are appreciated.

WORKSHOP: Tool Making

    • Material Calculation by weight and volume
    • Design/Layout
    • Punching, Fullering, Drifting
    • Tool Grinding and Geometry
    • Heat Treating
    • Finishing and Handling
  • Required Personal Protective Equipment: 

    • Closed Toe Shoes
    • Full Length Pants
    • Respirator (N95 will be provided if needed)
    • Z87 Safety Glasses 
    • Leather Gloves
    • Hearing Protection