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“Caught in a Thought” 

Have you ever had a thought you can’t get out of your head? Where do our thoughts originate? Sometimes it feels like these thoughts gather or produce their own momentum. This sculptural series is a way to play with these unseen moments. It can become a contemplative piece, something used to brainstorm, a muse. Or simply something put on the shelf to add a bit of nonlinear movement to a space. Have you ever been caught in a thought?


Hand forged iron contemporary/abstract sculpture designed and crafted in Portland, Oregon USA. This piece is hot formed under a 25 ton hydraulic press an 55lb air hammer. Once the shape is formed the sculpture is allowed to cool and finished with hot beeswax to bring out the inherent luster of the material. Every piece is handmade and will have slight cosmetic variations.



Height - 12"

Width - 12"

Weight - 4lbs


Check out our Instagram @portland_ironworks for some behind the scenes content!


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This piece is hand crafted to last for generations. Thank you for looking~

SCULPTURE: "Caught in a Thought" - MADE TO ORDER

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