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Introducing our handcrafted camp axe, made with 4140 high tensile steel and a charred hickory handle, finished with linseed oil for a durable and rustic look. This axe has a head weight of 2lb and an overall weight of 2lb 13oz, making it perfect for camping, hiking, and outdoor adventures. With a 4-3/4" toe to heel and 6" bit to poll, this axe is designed to handle any chopping or splitting needs. Complete with an 8oz leather sheath, this camp axe is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.



Overall Weight: 2lb 13oz

Head Weight: 2lb

Toe to Heel: 4-3/4"

Bit to Poll: 6"

Handle Length: 18"


This piece is hand crafted to last for generations. Our goal is to create "functional art" and believe this tool is a good example of that ethos. Thank you for looking~

AXE: 2lb Camp Axe

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    December Drop

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