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These are part of a form study I’m currently working through, exploring the transformative nature of steel.

Conceptually, I’m only applying pressure to the sides, which ultimately results in the piece growing in height. There’s no material added or taken away, only pushed, or forged into a different shape. These pieces are interesting as each face and facet catches light or throws a shadow, so there isn’t a true “front” or “back”.

To me, these forms become analogous for our own individual personalities, never able to reveal themselves in entirety… shaped by the pressures we encounter, ultimately resulting in a more interesting and unique form. They become interactive, enticing the viewer to turn and explore them from different angles.

I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I do, thanks for looking!


This piece is hand crafted to last for generations. Our goal is to create "functional art" and believe this tool is a good example of that ethos. Thank you for looking~

11.25" Forged Desk Sculpture

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